Estate Planning News In Torrance, CA

An Advance Healthcare Directive is a legal document that allows an individual to designate someone else, usually a family member or a trusted friend, to make medical decisions on their behalf if they become unable to do so themselves. The Directive also allows you to confirm your preferences for various potential medical situations, such as
You already completed your estate plan so you are one step ahead. But did you know that your estate plan will likely need to be revised at least once after the initial creation? There are several reasons why an estate plan should be reviewed. First, your personal circumstances and family dynamics may have changed since
While building your estate plan, this is usually the topic no one wants to talk about, let alone think about. However, avoiding the topic could result in consequences that no parent would ever want to happen.  If a parent dies leaving minor children, AND there is no other living parent or guardian, an interested party
When you purchase a property, escrow will send you instructions and ask you how you want to title your property. Although it seems like a quick “check the box”, this decision has major consequences, particularly with what happens to that property when you pass away. There are several common ways to hold title in California.