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Power of Attorney Service in Torrance, CA

When an individual turns eighteen years old, he/she is a legal adult. This means that their parent no longer has legal authority over their decisions, including healthcare and finances. What happens if that, now adult child, is incapacitated from an accident or injury and does not have the legal capacity to make his/her own decisions? How do these decisions get made? Whether your child is starting college, currently in school, moving out, or figuring out their next career move, if they are at least eighteen years old, this is a new reality and an important part of their new chapter as an adult.

Young Adult Power of Attorney

Without a financial power of attorney and advance healthcare directive, the remaining option is for a loved one to seek a conservatorship from the probate court. In Los Angeles County alone, an emergency conservatorship (which is only temporary) could take several months to obtain and that is if no one is objecting to it. A permanent conservatorship could take one year or more to obtain. Even if the petition is granted, there is regular record maintenance required and regular filings with the court including a yearly accounting. 

Why Your High School Graduate Needs Power of Attorney

With an advance healthcare directive and financial power of attorney, you can name a third person of your choice to have the same authority one would have under a conservatorship. The major differences are that you choose the person and everything is happening outside of a courtroom. Having this in place prevents delays in making sure someone can carry out daily healthcare decisions and financial decisions on your behalf, which can be time sensitive.


Although created in California, these documents can be used in any state in the United States.


We are happy to provide peace of mind in completing these documents for your young adult child. Please call us for a free consultation at 424-242-5021 or at to learn more.

Why Choose Alta Legacy Law for POWER OF aTTORNEY nEEDS

Power of Attorney is an essential legal tool that allows a person, known as the principal, to grant authority to another person, known as the agent, to act on their behalf in financial, legal, or healthcare matters. In Torrance, CA, navigating the complexities of creating a legally binding Power of Attorney requires expertise and a thorough understanding of California law.

Alta Legacy Law is your answer for assistance in this matter. Specializing in estate planning, elder law, and other vital legal areas, Alta Legacy Law has a reputation for delivering tailored solutions to clients in Torrance. Their seasoned attorneys guide clients through the Power of Attorney process with a personalized approach, ensuring that the document is drafted in compliance with California law. Whether it's a general, special, or durable Power of Attorney, Alta Legacy Law’s team works diligently to understand your unique needs and create a document that reflects your intentions, giving you peace of mind for the future.